Our Story

Abigail Spencer founded County Line Florals in homage to her father- five-time US Champion and legendary surfer, Yancy Spencer III- who died suddenly of a heart attack while surfing County Line at the Malibu/Ventura border on Valentine's Day, 2011.

Each floral offering telegraphs her dad's favorite phrase: "you're easy to love." The bespoke installation and custom event offerings are hyper personalized, the designer-crafted bouquets evoke the essence of that which inspires Spencer: be it a woman in her life, a place, an art piece, an idea. Using flowers as a means of storytelling, County Life Florals sets out to change the way people think about flowers. No longer a special occasion splurge: fresh flowers can be an everyday luxury that reminds us to take care of ourselves, each other, and the earth.

County Line Florals spreads joy and connection in a time dominated by social distancing. Offering a membership with once and twice-a-month offerings in a no-waste, contactless, “milkmaid” delivery model as well as a mobile flower truck, aptly named “Betty” (surf slang for a beautiful woman), which can pop in to safe, distanced gatherings.